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Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

These featured materials have been developed by faculty at all levels from FACDIS events they have attended. Most frequently, this will include teaching units, syllabi, or instructional ideas from our workshops, seminars, and institutes. We hope that by making this material available, others may be challenged, stimulated, and inspired to try new ideas in their teaching. We welcome your responses. 

Teaching Resources for Higher Education
Teaching Resources for K-12 Teachers

Resources for Syllabi:

FACDIS emeritus faculty member, Michael Strada, has written three articles dealing with the importance of improving course syllabi. 

Professor Strada has also written a book, Benefits of Model Syllabi published by University Press of America in July 2006.

FACDIS faculty member, Matthew Wilson, has written a article on crowdsourcing and self-instruction.

Crowdsourcing and Self-Instruction: Turning the Production of Teaching Materials Into a Learning Objective