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About Us

Established in 1980, FACDIS is a consortium of 19 West Virginia institutions of higher education with over 325 participating faculty from more than 75 different disciplines.

Devoted to improving international education in West Virginia, the Consortium works to:

  • assist in the revision and enrichment of international studies and foreign language courses
  • help faculty remain abreast of new knowledge and innovative teaching methods in their fields
  • facilitate the active use of varied instructional materials
  • increase student and faculty participation in study-abroad programs
  • provide professional development opportunities for public school teachers
Major Projects and Activities:
  • Annual Workshops in International Studies
  • Faculty Travel Grants to attend professional meetings/workshops
  • Quarterly FACDIS Newsletter and Occasional Bulletins
  • Summer Seminars and International Study-Tours for Faculty (as external support permits)
  • Free Loan Program for audio-visual and simulation materials
  • The John A. Maxwell Scholar-Diplomat Program in Washington DC, a three-day seminar program which brings faculty together with policy-makers and experts in world affairs
  • Distribution of teaching materials developed by FACDIS faculty
  • Support for course revision and development
  • Annual International Studies Summer Institutes for Public School Teachers

Each campus has an Institutional Representative (IR) who assists the FACDIS office in communication and planning, as well as a campus Study Abroad Adviser who works with the FACDIS office to provide study abroad information to students. In addition, a six-member Steering Committee assists the director in decision-making.