• DeMatteo & Meltzer

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Art DeMatteo, Glenville State College, and Joshua Meltzer, The Brookings Institution

  • Frew & Sutter

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Frew Hailou, WV State University, and Robert Sutter, The George Washington University

  • Group at Windmills

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Visit to Windmill Farm

  • Group Hardhats Mt. Storm

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Visit to Mount Storm Power Station

  • Group in Canaan lab

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Visit to Canaan Valley Institute

  • Group lecture Canaan Institute (2)

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Lecture at Canaan Valley Institute

  • Group

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program Participants

  • Holtslag & Salehyan

    2014 Fall Workshops: Aart Holtslag, Shepherd University, and Idean Salehyan, University of North Texas

  • Jack & Ambassador

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Ambassador Mike Moore, New Zealand Embassy, Washington, DC, and Jack Hammersmith, FACDIS Director

  • Jack & Brenden

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Jack Hammersmith, FACDIS Director, and Brenden McNeil, WVU Professor of Geography

  • Jack & Dennison

    2014 Fall Workshops: Jack Hammersmith, FACDIS Director, and Corley Dennison, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, WV Higher Education Policy Commission

  • John Garlow & Rita Landtrachtinger-Hott

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: John Garlow, EcoStructures, and Rita Landtrachtinger-Hott, Hampshire High School

  • Oberhauser & McSweeney

    2014 Fall Workshops: Ann Oberhauser, West Virginia University, and Kendra McSweeney, The Ohio State University

  • PIMBY Solar Demonstration

    FACDIS 2014 Summer Institute: Matt Sherald - PIMBY Solar Demonstration

  • Rezek & Crate & Menz

    2014 Fall Workshops: Janis Rezek, WVU Institute of Technology; Susan Crate, George Mason University; Harald Menz, Bethany College

  • Sunil & Nehru

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Vikram Nehru, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Sunil Surendran, Fairmont State University

  • T.J. & Solis

    2015 Scholar-Diplomat Program: T. J. Park, WV State University, and Mireya Solis, The Brookings Institution

  • White & Sakarat

    2014 Fall Workshops: Sam White, The Ohio State University, and Sy Sarkarat, WVU at Parkersburg

Established in 1980, FACDIS is a consortium of 20 West Virginia institutions of higher education with over 325 participating faculty in international studies and foreign languages from more than fifteen different disciplines.

Devoted to improving international education in West Virginia, the Consortium works to:

  • assist in the revision and enrichment of international studies and foreign language courses
  • help faculty remain abreast of new knowledge and innovative teaching methods in their fields
  • facilitate the active use of varied instructional materials
  • increase student and faculty participation in study-abroad programs
  • provide professional development opportunities for public school teachers