• Chung, Sawtarie, Tanaka

    Fall Workshops 2013: Nobuyuki Tanaka, Bethany College; Fujiko Sawtarie, Bethany College; Erin Aeran Chung, Johns Hopkins University

  • Guirguis, Hollifield, Wilson

    2013 Fall Workshops: Max Guirguis, Shepherd University; James F. Hollifield, Southern Methodist University; Mark Wilson, WVU Institute of Technology

  • IMG_6290

    2013 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Ambassador Gudmundur A. Stefansson, Embassy of Iceland, and Jack Hammersmith, Director, FACDIS

  • IMG_6315

    2013 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Hannah Geffert (Shepherd University), Mark Wilson (WVU Institute of Technology), Ann Gaudino (West Liberty University), and Bruce Stokes, Pew Research Center

  • IMG_6353

    2013 Scholar-Diplomat Program: Participants of the Scholar-Diplomat Program 2013, Europe in Debt: A Continental Crisis with Global Implications

  • WV teachers meet with journalist in Cuba

    2013 Summer Institute - Cuba: WV teachers meet with journalist Marc Frank, the longest serving foreign correspondent in Cuba

  • IMG_7266

    2013 Summer Institute - Cuba: Visit to the home and studio of Jose Fuster, one of Cuba's most original ceramists and popular painter

  • IMG_7413

    2013 Summer Institute - Cuba: West Virginia teachers, FACDIS Director, Jack Hammersmith, and Assistant Director, Gretchen Peterec, posing with vintage cars still used as taxis in Cuba

  • IMG_7549

    2013 Summer Institute - Cuba: Patio Pellegrino, community project for underprivileged children

  • IMG_7572

    2013 Summer Institute - Cuba: Cuban children playing with WVU yo-yos

  • IMG_7579

    2013 Summer Institute: West Virginia teachers signing the friendship wall at the children's center

  • Klotz, Mallory, Oberhauser

    2013 Fall Workshops: William Mallory, WV Wesleyan College; Audie Klotz, Syracuse University; Ann Oberhauser, WVU

  • Siekmeier, Phillips, Garcia

    2013 Fall Workshops: Rebecca Phillips, WVU-Parkersburg; James Siekmeier, WVU; Manuel Garcia y Griego, University of New Mexico

  • Three Presenters and Jack

    2013 Fall Workshops: Manuel Garcia y Griego, University of New Mexico; James F. Hollifield, Southern Methodist University; Erin Aeran Chung, Johns Hopkins University; Jack Hammersmith, FACDIS Director