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Summer Institutes

Summer Institute
FACDIS International Studies Summer Institute for Teachers
Summer Institute Topics:

2017: From "Backyard" to Front-and Center: Teaching Latin American Studies in the 21st Century

2016: Teaching East Asia: Classroom Ideas for a Dynamic Region

2015: The Middle East: Where to start? How to teach? 

2014: Earth, Water, and Air: Energy and the Environment in Today’s World

2013: Cuba in the 21st Century

2012: The Battlefield and Beyond: The Many Dimensions of War

2011: Violence and Injustice: Tough Topics in Today's Classroom

2010: China: Yesterday's Memories, Today's Challenges

2009: Now You See It! International Sources and Resources for WV Classrooms

2008: Venezuela: Behind the Headlines

2007: The Developing World: What do we know? What do we teach?

2006: West Virginia and the World: Globalization, Then and Now

2005: The Italian Roots of Western Culture with two week study-tour in Italy

2004: U.S. and the World: New Times, New Challenges

2003: Religion and the World

2002: International Year of the Mountains

2001: Comparing the New Russia to the Old Russia: Cruising Russia's Waterways with two week study-tour in Russia

2000: Two-week study tour to Cuernavaca, Mexico

1999: Fitting North America into the Curriculum

1998: Advanced Training in Using the Internet to Teach International Topics

          Fitting the Middle East into the Classroom

1997:Using the Internet to Teach International Topics

1996: Peer Mediation in the Schools

          Modern China and Modern Japan

          Two-day conference on Perspectives on Conflict Resolution

1995: Cultural Diversity in Our Schools

          Conflict Resolution in Our Schools

1994: Africa

          Human Rights

1993: Teaching the New Social Studies Course: The United States and the World: the Twentieth Century

1992: Europe Today

1991: Latin America: Past and Present

1989: Five-week study/travel tour of Japan

1988: Arab Middle East

1987: Modern China and Modern Japan