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Fall Workshops

Fall Workshops

L‐R: James Siekmeier, FACDIS Director; Nick Cullather, Indiana University Bloomington; Amy Trauger, University of Georgia; Jeffrey Pilcher, University of Toronto; and Ellen Messer, Boston, Tufts and Brandeis Universities.

2016Food for Thought: Feeding the World in the 21st Century

  • New Approaches to the History of U.S. Foreign Relations
  • Food Security: Local to Global Perspectives on Sustainable Food Systems, Food and Nutrition Policy, and Cultural Politics
  • Food in World History
  • Teaching International Issues in Food and Agriculture

2015The Arts and Politics: Defending - or Challenging - the Status Quo

  • Politics in Music: Musical Approaches to Influencing the Masses from Beethoven to the Present
  • Politics and Culture in Post-Socialist China
  • Popular Culture in Latin America
  • Always in Flux: The Poetics and Politics of Iranian Cinema and Media

2014Global Climate Change: Science Meets Society

  • Living Climate Change: Using Anthropological Encounters and Actions in Teaching 
  • Climate Worlds: Geographies of a Changing Planet
  • Climate Change and Security: Research, Policy, and Teaching
  • Teaching and Writing about Climate Change: A View from History

2013Immigration and Migration: Cultural, Social, and Economic Impacts

  • Immigration and Immigrant Incorporation in East Asia
  • International Migration in North America and the Caribbean
  • A Global Perspective on Migration and Citizenship
  • Africans in the International Migration System

2012Global Crises, 2012

  • The Dynamics of Violence and Human Rights in Latin America
  • Youth and Transformation: How Young People Are Grappling with Change in Eastern Europe, East Asia, and the Arab World
  • Energy, Resources, and Crisis
  • It's All About Economics!

2011Technology: Its Impact on Global Politics, Economics, Education & Culture

  • Exploring Interdisciplinarity - Promises and Challenges
  • Technology and Society in the 21st Century
  • Technology and Intelligence
  • New Media, New Wars, New Middle East

2010Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

  • Putting Women's Lives into Context: Power, Family and Economy
  • Women's Income as the Magic Potion for Development?
  • Empowering Women: Economic Challenges and Opportunities
  • Beyond Brothels: Women and Girls in Slavery and Freedom

2009Emerging Economics: The Post-American Century

  • First, Post-Soviet: Now, Post-American? -- The Evolving Economic Landscape for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Brazil as a BRIC?: Is Brazil Ready to Invest in Competitiveness?
  • The Middle East's (Very) Political Economics
  • Globalization in the 21st Century: Changing the Rules of the Game

2008The Impact of Global Movement

  • Disposable People: The Challenge of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Open Borders: The History of an American Tradition
  • Human Displacement and Cultural Survival: Does Migration Destroy Cultures?
  • The Politics of Travel and Tourism in an Age of Globalization

2007Learning from the Developing World

  • Learning for East Asia: Virtuous Cycle or Tough Choices?
  • Literature and the Developing World
  • Grassroots Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Understanding Africa in its Global Context

2006Globalization & Education: Challenges for the 21st Century Citizen

  • The Asian Human Resource Approach: Dilemmas and Challenges
  • Translating Politics to Learning: The Meaning of Political Change in European Cases for 21st Century Citizenship
  • Comparative Perspectives on Latin America
  • 'By Means of the Pen': Education and the Making of the Modern Middle East

2005World Regions and the Globe: Past, Present, & Future

  • Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East

2004How the Media View the World

  • A Middle-East Perspective
  • Media and Public Policy in the Age of Terrorism
  • A Reporter's View from Vietnam to Ground Zero
  • What We Get from 'The News': A Broadcast Journalist's Perspective

2003The Global Challenge: Four Perspective for America

  • Religion and Foreign Policy
  • Economic Globalization and the Global Citizen Backlash
  • Climate Change and Environmental Issues
  • American Culture and U.S. Hegemony

2002Vision and Blindness: The U.S. Relates to the World

2001Cultural Resistance to Imperial Legacies

2000Is Sustainable Development Feasible?

1999Global Migration

  • The Politics of Migration
  • The Political Economy of Migration
  • Migration Geography
  • Culture and Migration

1998Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Trade

  • International Trade and Investment in the U.S. Economy
  • Contending Approaches to the Political Economy of International Trade
  • The Domestic Politics of U.S. Trade Policy
  • American Trade in Historical Perspective

1997Teaching World Cultures Through Literature and Film

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • India

1996"Globalization and Fragmentation"

  • The Global Economy
  • Globalization of Western Culture: The Role of the Mass Media
  • Ethnic Conflict

1995Teaching Human Rights and Ethical Issues in World Affairs

1994"After the Cold War: Search for a New World Order(?)"

  • The Role of the United Nations
  • International Trade
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Second Language Acquisition: Needs and Options

1993The Impact of Religion and Ethnicity in a Changing World

  • Islam and Social/Economic Change
  • Religion and Ethnicity in the States of the Former Soviet Union
  • Religion and Reform in Latin America
  • Quebec and Canada

1992The New Europe: Adjustments to the Post-Cold War Era

  • East European Adjustments to the Post-Cold War Era
  • West European Adjustments to the Post-Cold War Era
  • Breaking Down Linguistic Walls in the European Community

1991Intercultural Contact: Conflict and/or Enrichment

  • The Transatlantic Encounter of Cultures: The Forging of a New World
  • Migration and the Global Refugee Crisis
  • Intercultural Understanding: The Role of Foreign Languages

1990Agenda for the 21st Century: Global Cooperation

  • The Global Environment
  • North-South Issues
  • Peace and Security

1989Global Economic Trends

1988Crisis and Change in the World

1987Global Issues

1986The United States and Regional Concerns

1985Conflict and Conflict Resolution

1984bToward a Global Perspective

1984aThe Future of Foreign Language Instruction: New Methods, New Results

1983The Comparative Approach Applied: Women Around the World; The Comparative Approach and the Social Sciences

1982World Cultures and Civilizations

1981: Area and Development Studies; International Economic and Political Relations