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Scholar-Diplomat Programs

S-D 2001

2001 Scholar-Diplomat participants 

John A. Maxwell Scholar-Diplomat Program Archives

2014: Iran and Beyond: The Nuclear Issue in the Contemporary World

2013: Europe in Debt: A Continental Crisis with Global Implications

2012: Arab Spring or American Autumn? The Changing Role of the United States in the Middle East

2011: Intelligence and Diplomacy in the Contemporary World

2010: The US, China, and India: New Roles for a New Century

2009: American Century II or Global Century I? Barack Obama & the World in the 21st Century

2008: Russia & the US: Is the Cold War Over?

2007: Latin America: Challenges for the 21st Century

2006: The UN Today: Millennium Goals and Reform Agendas

2005: Beyond Iraq: The Challenges of North Korea and Iran

2004: Transatlantic Relations with an Evolving Europe

2003: Nation Building: Post-Conflict Reconstruction

2002: Transnational Threats

2001: NAFTA: Its Economic, Social and Ecological Consequences

2000: Genocide

1999: The US and International Environmental Issues

1998: International Trade

1997: International Organizations

1996: Middle East

1995b: Sub-Saharan Africa

1995a: Latin America/Caribbean

1994b: East Asia

1994a: Russia/East Europe

1993: West Europe